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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

... You say you have your personal opinions about G's case. Surely the person of this “personal” is not Nirod, Khirode or Binode – it is the Divine who is omniscient. Then I don't see why the Divine should seek for data from humans. Human opinion, G will at once question, but the Divine's he can't. Or he can and the Divine is afraid of losing his prestige, what?

If you mean that I can kick G out of the Ashram even without assigning a reason, of course I can, and it is not any questioning of his that would prevent it. Usually my very deferent disciples demand an explanation of what I do, and if it is not valid according to human canons of judgment and evidences, they abuse and reproach me in a million conversations and a thousand letters. So to avoid bother, I prefer to act in the human way – bother means frictions, waste of time and paper, vociferations etc.

I couldn't finish copying the poem. Since you “sleep” up to midday, I hear, I can send it to you later.

It depends on the time I go to sleep. If it is at 9 or 10 a.m. I may sleep beyond 12. As for poetry, I see it only at night. There is no time in the afternoon except for the letters.

Nag, the A.P. House manager, told me that they publish books only on your school of thought. But whatever you say they do and will do.

That is the principle on which it was started – that it should not be an ordinary publishing concern. How far the principle has been respected I cannot say, since I don't read all its publications. I don't know whether the Mother will take it up.


[After a long account of G's uncertain medical case]

... Please clear this point and don't write Delphic oracles. Leave that to me as my monopoly.


1935 08 31 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran