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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

What are the abbreviations Ps. HC. S.?

Psychic – Higher Consciousness – Supramental.

You are trying to adopt shorthand now!

Of course! what to do? Shorthand lessens the labour of the writer, even if it increases that of the reader. Besides the attempt to find out what the abbs mean should stimulate your intuition and sharpen your intelligence.

I told you I'm feeling lazy, have no aspiration, no inclination to write poetry... Is it the physical?

Yes, that's the joker – physical consciousness.

And this, you say, is the better condition?

No, where did I say that?

Why, this is almost next to inconscience.

Of course it is.

I don't know how the psychic is going to emerge from the physical consciousness.

Well, it's the bottom of the first curve, so logically the next thing is to make an upward tangent and get into the second curve.

Suppose one finishes the circle M. V .Ph., it can go round again before one is shifted to the starting of the other line.

That would be very clever, but it is not usually done, except by people with big egos. Yours is no doubt a well-developed chubby chap, but it is not a giant.

The oculist is leaving for Madras; so the charge falls on us. Here was an opportunity for me to do operations, but as I have never done any, it is not possible. Do you think the Yogic Force will enable a doctor, even if he is not trained, to do things like cutting off an appendix or a cataract?

Good Heavens, no! Spare the poor people's eyes. The Force has to prepare its instrument first – it is not a miracle-monger. The Force can develop in you intuition and skill if you are sufficiently open, even if you did not have it before – but not like that. That kind of thing happens once in a way, but it is not the fixed method of the Divine to act like that.

I believe one must know the technique, not by heart only, but by hands as well!


Or, is it that in the yogic world operations will be tabooed since the Force alone will dissolve the cataract?

Whatever it does, it will do by a method, not in the void.

You never wrote what Y.F. (yogic force) will do, by citing examples, as you said you would.

Some day. I fixed no date.


1935 10 02 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran