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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I think it is advisable to remove B.P. from the Dining Room, and give him a separate work.

I hear he has automatically stopped.

That will obviate the danger of contagion, but what about the other trouble, the sore on which you kept quiet? Am I to take it that by Yoga it may be cured? I remember Mother once saying that there is hardly a disease that can't be cured by Yoga. Can cancer, the deadly enemy of present civilisation, be cured?

Of course it can, but on condition of faith or openness or both. Even a mental suggestion can cure cancer – with luck, of course, as is shown by the case of the woman operated on unsuccessfully for cancer, but the doctors lied and told her it had succeeded. Result, cancer symptoms all ceased and she died many years afterwards of another illness altogether.

However, if you can cure B.P. that way, it would be very good. Only, I think it would require a great development of consciousness and an opening, which he hasn't yet got.

Quite so. No passage.

Tomorrow I'll take him to the hospital as he has developed some ear trouble. I'll get his blood also examined there.

Right you are.


1935 10 11 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran