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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I explained to G the situation. But B.P. seems to be quite willing to face the quarantine for 1 or 2 years if necessary.

Can you draw up more precisely necessary rules for isolation? Also see the house where they are living (B, R.K. and R.B.) and what can be done so that there may be least chance of contamination. We might remove R.B., but she would be quite at sea among strangers.

No pranam of course; separate dishes; but the rest?

What's all this that J says, about his inner vital contact with A.B.?

J's inner imaginations, nothing more substantial than that.

He says Mother has made this contact.

Rubbish! Mother never even dreamed of doing it.

He says further that he wants a direct contacts with the Mother which A.B. doesn't allow, saying that he must do it through him.

Rubbish! A.B. would be the last person to prevent anyone from receiving the Mother's influence.

You have also conceded to this view. Very interesting, if true.

Rubbish! I never did.

They may be interesting, but they are not true.

Are all these really true? And does he understand them?

Not at all. These are constructions and imaginations of a very active vital mind.

I wish I had known some of this business, but –

Alas, cult or occult

Nothing do I know;

Blindly, blindly like an ass

Braying incessantly I go.

What a beautiful poem! You wrote it yourself? It is in Dara's most modernist style.


1935 10 20 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran