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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I saw Madanlal going about with bare clothing. Not good for asthma.

What the deuce is bare clothing? I have heard only of a bare body etc. Your Aeschylean expressions are sometimes very puzzling.

About The Life Divine class, I would have loved to read with Z, but his Purushalike bearing scares one. You know he refused even to take up and only by Mother's order he did it.

Take up what? You have already asked him for the L.D. and been sent banging? Or is it something else indicated by an Aeschylean ellipsis?

I asked also Rishabhchand but he has no time. Hence those two, thinking that they understand at least better than I.

Which two. Great Heavens, O Aeschylus? R & Z? or X and Y? I suppose the latter. And the elliptical “Hence those two”. Hence I asked about those two? I shall become quite a skilful Aeschylean scholar at this rate.

I shall have to fall back on myself for The Life Divine.

You might try. Read an unintelligible para from the L.D., then sit in vacant meditation and see what comes from the intuitive gods. They will probably play jokes with you, but what does it matter? One learns by one's errors and marches to success through one's failures.

About that poem, it is all my writing. Sir, and all rights reserved. These are glimpses of something turning up some day, even though the sky is cloudy now. Micawberism, par excellence!

Nirod Micawber (Talukdar no more). That is a good idea.


1935 10 21 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran