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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Your yesterday's long letter has delighted me much. The burden of it seems to be that for the present we have to take everything on trust since we lack the experience, and so long as the experiences don't come what can we do but go on teasing you with our questions? And you know, We are not worshippers of you

But your immortal letter!1

We do not worship the dumb blue

But his resplendent star!2

Which shines and all the night shines

In the dark caves of our mines.

Good Lord! I hope you don't imagine that is a rhyme?

But what about my table? Forgotten? Ellipsis?

Out of the silence

What is the word that be

About my cane-table, Sir?

Shall I wait till Eternity?

Yes or no, do tell me, Sir;

Either can I take with surrender.

Forgot both the cane and the table. You can have if it is lying about.

Good Lord! another! If you rhyme Sir and surrender you don't deserve a table but only a cane and plenty of it.

Rambhai complains of severe pain in the abdomen, due to constipation. Gave a dose of castor oil.

Rambhai is in Gujerat, if you please. If you are administering doses of castor oil to his abdomen direct from here, you must be a siddha Fascist Yogi. But perhaps you mean Ramkumar? Or whom do you mean? Is it – ?



1 Underlining “letter”


2 Underlining “star”











1935 10 24 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran