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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

You say that my “grey matter does not easily open; it closes up also too easily” but where is “the automatic flow” to which it can accommodate itself, Sir?

The automatic flow would be there but for the grey matter being adverse and perverse.

I find that if a current has opened up a little, a blessed counter-current of depression, dissatisfaction comes down and sweeps me away.

Exactly. That's its way of closing up. The three Ds seem to be your grey matter's forte – doubt, depression, dissatisfaction. If it were not for them, when something came you would get the Ananda of creation and things would move a little.

If you advise me to go on sitting and racking my brain – inspiration or no inspiration – and then only the grey matter can open up, I'll say it is not a very royal road that you show me.

I don't think the inspiration usually comes in that way! It is better to put yourself in receptive attitude and let it come. If it doesn't come, try, try again but no need to sweat and swear and writhe.

Some are of the opinion that one shouldn't try to force the inspiration.

It can't be forced but it can be invited.

About J's blessed novel-tangle – the first instalment will appear in the next issue of Uttara. Wouldn't it be advisable to inform X beforehand?

Good Lord! he does not know it yet? I thought he knew “she had put it in other hands”. Well, well!

I said to J long ago to inform him; naturally she didn't listen... I am sick, sick of it and curse myself every minute. But since I have sown the wind, I have to reap the whirlwind.

“Cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return to you” – rather sodden!


1935 11 02 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran