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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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Even if the three Ds were my forte why can't the Force push me on? Because of lack of cooperation?

Yes, of course.

But I find that D's best creations come when he's depressed and his depression itself is worked out in that manner. In spite of it he's as active as a giant.

D has a different temperament from yours. He has a magnificent vitality which, whatever road he goes on, can carry him galloping towards the goal. Only he has not yet learned how to put it at the service of the inmost psychic for spiritual realisation. He has been trying to do everything with his mind. One can do that up to a certain point provided the vital can accept the mind control and the mind itself is wholly on the side of the central mind's will. But that has not yet happened. But the vitality serves to keep up his powers of activity and also to react at a certain point and drag him out of the depression.

Yours on the contrary is a slow plodding vitality. You can't expect it to give the same results. It can only go fast when the road has been prepared and opened. The road for the poetical self-expression is not yet sufficiently prepared and open.

On the other hand I see quite a number of people remaining cheerful and happy though the outer nature seems rather uncontrolled. I wish I could be at least happy and sunny.

That is a mere matter of temperament. There are plenty of people whose ordinary nature is sunny and cheerful.

However, a yogi astrologer predicted that all my dark age will pass away at the age of 32 and the golden age will set in. The age of 32 has come but where is the gold?

Glorious! you must begin glittering at once – even if there are other things than gold that glitter. But are you through the wonderful year, already? and is it the age of 32 or the 32nd year?

By the way I learned that Datta once belonged to this lamenting and repining group and spent about 5 years in such a crisis. True? who will believe it now?

You are asking very delicate questions. I can only say that Datta has been with the Mother from the pre-Ashram, even the pre-Yoga times – her case is uniquely difficult...


1935 11 03 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran