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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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Only my expressions are puzzling, Sir? Your supramental ones are no less – especially when you want to be “elusive”, “non-committal”. Example? Well, I asked you about the advisability of informing X about the Uttara business, and you wrote: “...he does not know it yet? I thought he knew ‘she had put it in other hands’...” I don't know what to make of it. Anyway, your opinion is not needed now, as J has her own opinion about it. But what do you mean by “she has put it in other hands”? Has X said that to you?

Well, it means what it says “I thought he knew she had put it in other hands,” I put the phrase in inverted commas because I seemed to remember somebody having written it. It may have been X. He wrote once about J having dropped him although he had done what he could for her.

But I can't swear to it.

Can you tell me why D's friends kick him back for the good he has done them? Because he expects a return?

Yes, partly for that. But only some are really grateful for benefits done except for the moment. A great many kick under the burden of an obligation. Human nature! You know Vidyasagar's immortal saying on the subject, I suppose. “Why is he so furious against me? āmi ta tāra kona upakāra kārāna1

Can you, by the way, summarise my case and put the points before my myopic eyes apart from the three Ds?

Good Lord! don't expect me to be diagramming people all the time. Besides your personalities are not clearly marked out like D's. Wait till they separate themselves to join in the Dance of Harmony!

About Datta, it was in one of a series of articles written by Barin about her. So everybody knows what I know.

Ah, then I understand. Barin's statements are always inaccurate. The 5 years must have been his own construction.

A is complaining loudly of her stomach pains – can't even walk in her room etc. What are they? a little medical light, please.



1 I never did him a good turn (Beng.).











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