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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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I had forgotten to write to you last night that the Mother was sending Ambu to you. He said he would not be able to explain what was the matter with him, so we said we would write. He is constantly feeling weak, extremely tired and unwell without any specific cause. You might try by examination and otherwise to find out what is the matter and report to the Mother.

Sri Aurobindo

A has been getting pain in the right abdomen only while walking. On examination I find that the pain is in the stomach, liver and kidney regions – mostly liver which is enlarged and she has movable kidney... Since there are no inflammatory signs, a few days of inactivity – not even walking, will set her right. Or she can wear a strap on the abdomen and move about a little.

Perhaps – if it is liver; the Mother always thought she looked bilious. But if it is moving kidney? She can't remain a non-walking statue all her life. The strap would then be, I suppose, the only resource.

Her fever of yesterday doesn't throw any light on the main issue. Any supramental light?

None. Supermind says “O bother! don't trouble me with that, yet.”


1935 11 05 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran