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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

So you see I had to break the seal this morning. You read the report I sent to the Mother through Nolini. I don't think I was unjustified in secretly informing you. I don't understand why R objects and doesn't want to let you know the exact report. Let me ask you how much you are guided by our reports, whether an accurate report is essential for your action. If so there are quite a number of things that one would object to in R's report.

It is absolutely essential. Wrong information or concealment of important facts may have disastrous consequences.

He has been passing copious black vomit since last night. It decreased during the day. He says in the evening's report that he didn't want to stop the vomiting; he has done that only because you wished it.

He has reported at 9 o'clock to Pavitra that he has succeeded in entirely stopping vomiting and hiccough. Is it true?

He expected to stop the hiccough in half an hour, but has failed. His condition at night will be critical; are you sure about his life?

No. From the beginning of the case I have not been at all sure of it. I understood however that Valle had said it was not a dangerous case, apart from the danger of heart-failure which he did not suppose to be very great and could be avoided. But the circumstances have been very contrary and there has not been the usual response to the Force which makes recovery only a matter of time. It seems to me that it is an old illness which has suddenly taken an acute and perilous form. If tomorrow morning there is no improvement, we can call Philaire (I hope it will be in time). Pavitra is typing a letter which you can take to Philaire and learn from him when he will come over. If you and Philaire can understand each other, it is all right. Otherwise inform Pavitra of the hour and he will go at that time.

Accidentally I met Valle in the hospital. He asked me to call Philaire, as it is a surgical case.

He did not say that then, but gave an optimistic view of the case. But is surgical intervention possible in a state of extreme weakness?


1935 11 16 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran