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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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You have heard of S's sudden good turn, putting him almost out of danger. It came about in this way: at 9.45 a.m., the time when Mother came down for Pranam, he went into a sound sleep and I too into a little concentration. I found, on opening my eyes, S in deep sleep with the cessation of hiccoughs. At once I had the impression that he was out of danger. R says that he himself was deep in meditation in the Pranam hall, when a great sense of joy pervaded him along with the idea that S had passed the danger zone. He opened his eyes and caught Mother looking at him. Mother's fixed reassuring grip of his hand confirmed his intuition. Is all this true?

There was something – a sense of a danger passed and a Force put out. There was also a pressure on R which amounted to this “No more bluff – bluff won't do here. You must now justify your bluff and cure S.”

Things must have changed after you wrote to me that you were not sure of his life. You must have done something definite and imperative meanwhile. Can you reassure us now?

(???)e is a change in so far as S's physical has begun to respond while before it was not responsive at all. There is therefore no longer the predominance of the dark forces that there was before. But the response has to increase before one can be absolutely sure of the t.(???) The obstinacy of the hiccough is a dark point that ought to disappear.

I don't agree with R when he says that hiccough will have some good effect on the intestine!


In this great consternation, I could not ask anything about myself. I forgot to ask even for your blessings.

The blessing is there all right.


1935 11 17 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran