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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

By “lime-juice”, I meant orange-juice. R would call it “sweet lime juice”, not orange which is supposed to be different.

Perplexing! Why should juice of oranges be called “sweet lime” juice? I suppose in that case juice of sweet limes should be called orange juice? Vice versa? mutual transmutation? or what? Orange is certainly “supposed” to be different from sweet lime and it is oranges and not sweet limes we are using. R seems to live in a world of his own mental constructions, which has nothing to do with this poor earth and common “humanity”.

R complains of the delayed supply of food and has written to Mother about it, he says.

He seems to think that things can be supplied at his order by some process of magic.

R told me that somebody has written to you about the orange juice and its production of hyperacidity.

Rubbish! It was the Mother who from the first had this objection before you wrote about it. She gave the juice in the quantity d for only because R insisted on it.

He adds that you come down to common human consciousness level and listen to these suggestions!! He also says you have no time to go into higher consciousness to ascertain the validity of these statements.

What an imbecile! As if one could not know about orange juice and its effects without shooting up into the Supermind. Does he think his extraordinary theories are supramental?


1935 11 19 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran