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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

N dropped in, complaining of urgency of micturition. Dr. Manilal and myself found nothing serious. N wants a microscopic examination of urine to exclude T.B. bacilli. I told him that it is very difficult to do this for we have to inject a guinea-pig. Shouldn't we avoid it? Dr. Manilal suggests enema and pepsin mixture.

Unless it is imperative, I think I prefer not to awaken the suggestion of T.B. in the breast of N – also to spare the harmless guinea-pig. Let us rather put our trust in enema and pepsin mixture.

J is being lactated and adrenalised with some good effect.

Lactate away then.

I am wallowing again in the morass of the 3 Ds, now that I am free from my attendance on S.

Stand up, man, and don't wallow! Stand up and fix your third eye on the invisibly descending Tail of the Supramental.

If I could apply myself to some pursuits that would be obligatory!

How to make them obligatory unless you do something which will take you to jail!

Interest in poetry and in reading has dwindled, and now I'm on the way to be a “subconscient ass”.

Why not become a conscious one?


1935 11 28 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran