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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

We have no Nergine in the Dispensary.

No. You can take a box from Dyuman for K.

My (???) what flattering phrases you use, Sir! “Perfective immortality”, etc., etc.

Rather startled by this phrase, can't find it, but don't believe it is a correct reading.

J stormed in like a meteor and exclaimed, “Mother has achieved a great victory tonight. Sex-energies of some people have surrendered.” I asked, “All occult business, I suppose?” “Of course!” he answered.

Good Lord, no! J's imaginations, that is all.

Then he said that Mother reveals to his higher mind all her workings. Must be wonderful if it is a fact.

The usual delusion! Voices, voices – the Mother in a confidential mood on the 7th storey!

A very big “if”.

We have found that his knowledge is not always true e.g. A.B's story I wrote to you about, for instance.

Don't remember. He was writing an absurd affair of A.B's trying to take possession of him and substitute himself for the Mother – is it anything to do with that? I told him not to allow himself to be invaded by absurd delusions. But he seems to have only given it another form.

He says that very few vitals are free1 here (not sexually).

That seems to be the one thing true in all that he said.

One is linked up with another, e.g. D's lower vital with N's.


If D wants to meet the Mother in the vital, he has to go through N's vital, he says.


Ramchandra wants S's stove, sign (?) and coals, kerosene, spirit, cocoa and barley to be removed from his room bodily and summarily. We don't know how to organise this raid. Mother suggests that you might undertake it, the things to be distributed afterwards to the proper quarters. Ready for the heroic deed? As for S, you can tell him “Doctor's orders!”



1 Sri Aurobindo drew a line to the word “free”.











1935 12 07 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran