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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

There is again a quarrel between X and Y, and I am asked to intervene; if I don't there'll be a row. I must have your permission.

Permission for the row? I am utterly against rows. If sadhaks want them, it must be done on their responsibility. I neither permit nor refuse.

X says that she is suffering a lot. It seems to me at times that she is a being of another world and incompatible with this world. What is the cause of her suffering?

Ego, foolishness, insincerity – a false claim that she is more noble and ideal than others – while in reality her vital is made just like any other human vital... I am afraid your idea that she is a superior being from a more beautiful world (if that is what you think) can't hold water. I am sorry for X, but she creates her own difficulties. She will not do what is necessary to have peace. If she went back from her ego, her demand on others, she would have peace soon enough.

I hate to disturb you with all these stories. Is it an individual affair that one should decide for oneself?

Surely it is an individual affair, being a clash of egos. There ought to be no such individual affairs in a Yoga Ashram, but ought and is are far asunder.


1935 12 13 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran