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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Sending you one more poem by N K. Seems a very interesting piece. If it could have been done well, it would have been very attractive and original.

It is indeed matter of which a fine poem can be made. Nishikanta has imagination and the ideas carry beauty in them, the language also, but he has not yet knowledge of the turns of the English tongue which make the beauty effective. I have tried to make it as perfect as an hour's work can do – but that is not enough, it might be better.

But from the immensely profuse amount of corrections you have made and have to make, I wonder whether we are taking too much liberty with your precious Supramental time. But Supramental is beyond Time – that is the hope.

If I have not time, I shall keep till I have. The poems are such good matter of poetry that it is worth the trouble.

Amal says you take very little time in these things.

Usually, yes. A quarter of an hour is enough; but these last two took more time.

If Nishikanta goes for the proper technique at present, there may be a check on his flow, no?

Possibly, though fidelity to metre can be a help as well as check as it makes the God of Words more alert, skilful and subtle.

About my metre, shall I approach Amal or Arjava? Amal is willing.


Everyone is doing something. I am only Tennysonning. Don't you feel pity for me, Sir?

Not so much. If you were browning, I might.

On second thought, I keep the poem one day more.


1935 12 16 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran