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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I don't say that images, expressions may not sweep in, but one has to beat, beat and beat.

Beat-beating is not sweeping in.

I have found that a poem may follow automatically, spontaneously with rich images and expressions, though one doesn't know what will follow next. That gives a real delight and what comes is genuine stuff.

That is the proper way of inspiration.

Two of my poems that you liked very much came in that way. But unfortunately all don't and one has to work hard. Sometimes there is success, at other times failure. Can you tell me on what these variations depend?

It depends on whether the inspiration flows in or the fabricating mind labours. You are obliged to have a mixed method, part inspiration, part mental, because the inspiration is not yet free to pass through. Beat-beating is the sign of the mind at work like a God-forgotten blacksmith; the flow is the sign of the Muse pouring down things at her ease.

What's up with J? Trying to bring down the Supermind or going off the deep end?

I fear he is wandering in the intermediate zone. How much is occultifying drama and how much is real aberration is the question.

I can't ask him to work when he's in such a mood.


You can keep this note-book, but what about the one lying with you?

I was returning it this morning, but I found one place all wrong and have been beat-beating at it – penultimate stanza 2nd and 3rd lines. Made something at last but not very very right.


1935 12 18 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran