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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

About my Bengali poem – I wrote the lines marked and then the Muse failed. N K saw them, picked them up and completed the poem. Naturally he has expressed his own sentiments. They are not mine, neither did I know what they would be when I started. I intend someday to write one myself with those lines as they seem quite good. What's your opinion?

Your lines are very good. N's poem is very fine; but his style is too strong to agree with yours. It is as if a trumpet were to take up the notes of a flute.

By the way, J all on a sudden told me, before B, about a correspondence regarding the supramental descent on some anonymous sadhak and your remarks – exaggerated ego etc.; I hope J didn't mean B and myself, because very often we cut many jokes about your Supermind.

Not yourself – He quoted some silly remarks of X about Mother being Jivatman and myself Paramatman and his own ātmajñāna and of Y having the Supermind descending up to his chest etc. I keep back the names. I said if anybody made such a claim it was only exaggerated ego.1

I now close the chapter for ever on R and his treatment, with this last note that I quite agree with you in your psycho-physical theory of T.B. etiology.... though I don't understand at all how blood-vomit can be vicarious menstruation and not T.B. in origin ...

Well, even experienced doctors can make a mistake!

R has left some reports of blood-urine analysis for you to see. Yesterday he took me again to G and I found he looked much better. His blood-urea has come down to normal. Something! How? don't know!

Of course not. The Py doctors say it is magic and contrary to science; others refuse to believe it unless they see the analysis. A little too much noise about the matter.



1 Note that Sri Aurobindo wrote X and Y in the MS. They are not here the usual editorial substitutions.











1935 12 29 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran