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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

You are silent on B.P.'s New Year pranam! In a fix?

Forgot all about it. He can come.

I have made quite a vigorous programme to start from the New Year: English metre with Arjava – he is willing to teach, and French with Sarala, provided Mother finds no objection. So?

No objection at all. Enthusiastic approval!

May I ask you for that promised poem as a New Year present?

You may ask; but who has time for it? Not yours truly.

My friend J whose photo I sent you the other day, expresses a desire to come here.

No recollection of it at all! But the Mother remembers and she has given me a glimmering and gleaming reflection of a recollection. Yes it was the photograph in which you qualified for Abyssinia. Right.1

Is permission for Darshan possible though he hasn't asked for it, because I suppose he doesn't know about it?

It's the only thing possible for a beginning.

P is complaining of shooting headache due to her eyes etc. can't you do something to make the shoots and her also quiet? She says, “What can poor Nirod do? He is trying all he can.” Poor Nirod, what!



1 Novemer 6, 1936.











1935 12 30 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran