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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I am sending the 4 reports – 3 on urine and 1 on blood. The first ones will give you an idea of the progress of the disease up to the present stage of cure. You will see that blood-urea has come down to normal. Albumin – an abnormal product in the urine – is present indicating heart-failure in the absence of any kidney lesion. The presence of blood in the urine is due to the same reason. I hope this set of “hiero-glyphics” is now as clear as water.

I am afraid it is not so clear, though it is sufficiently watery. What I wanted to know was whether there had been such a miraculous change as Valle and the Pondicherry doctors seem to say and which were the medical facts on which they based their opinion – in other words whether the Force had really acted or not and, if so to what extent – of course from the “pathological” point of view; for it is evident that the man is not dead and is in much better health than before. He had nephritis, blood-pressure, albumin and a number of other pleasant things whether as “symptoms” or as root-illnesses. I gather that these have gone practically. But I also gather or seem to from your remarks that G's appearance does not amount to much. But I am not clear about that. However, it is not of much importance.

This year is said to be your brightest year according to the horoscope, Sir.

Horoscope by whom? According to a famous Calcutta astrologer (I have forgotten his name) my biggest time comes much later, though the immediately ensuing period is also remarkable. Like doctors, astrologers differ.

But whatever miracle might happen, I don't see any chance for my caravan!

Too many dogs of depression bark?

What about B.P's work? Forgetfulness?

Not forgetfulness; but these things are not always easy to arrange.


1936 01 03 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran