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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I send you a letter of my friend J.B. He wants to know if he can write to you personally?

The difficulty would be about the answer – If I had to do it myself, he would get an answer every three years.

And can some general correspondence be sent to him?

It can be done sometimes.

What does he mean by “the overmental and supramental stages” which he doesn't want to leave?

I am puzzled by the sentence.

I suppose he takes anything beyond mind as Overmind and Supermind.

I suppose so, people always do at first. But even so, I don't understand why he writes of it as a stage he does not want to leave. What he has is not of course overmind or supermind, but some sense of the cosmic Force of the Mother behind the action of the personal being.

He feels some dynamic force working in him. He feels that he hasn't clung to the Divine, the Divine has clutched him.

That is very often felt.

People outside feel all these great experiences, while we feel a vacuum. Glory to God!

Lots of people feel that outside or similar things. Also they feel a bhakti and faith outside which is spoiled or gets rude shocks if they come and stay for some time in the Ashram and converse with its enlightened sadhaks. But that I suppose is all in the game. At any rate it used to be like that. Nowadays I notice some improvement – let us hope that soon it will be an entire change.

Do you really think that I have done something in poetry? People say that one can't take your remarks on poetry, painting, etc. too literally, because you want to encourage us.

A very good beginning. Not yet Homer or Shakespeare, of course.

Mother is giving us doctors a very good compliment, I hear that we confine people to bed till they are really confined!

Yes. Mother did pass on that epigram. Doctors were born to hear such remarks.


1936 01 15 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran