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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

P was given pomegranate juice, she vomited it at once. It may be due to the reflex atony of the stomach.

That was the Mother's impression. Of course pomegranate juice may well have assisted (as she vomited after it), if it was the wrong (medicinal) kind of pomegranate and crushed out of the grains and seeds (becoming strong and bitter) instead of pressed out without crushing. Ordinary pomegranate juice many people take and there are no such results.

I myself was taking it daily at one time; I took it once or twice even prepared in the wrong way without any inconvenience. But if the bitter medicinal kind were given her in a weak condition of the stomach, it, might well aggravate.

R showed me Gaudart's blood-urea report which was .025%. The lowest figure given was .02%. Dr. Valle has asked R to be on the look-out lest it fall lower.

Is he still treating Gaudart? He wrote that Valle had said he (V) would go no longer to G's and so R also had to leave G to himself. Valle has gone back then?

What did N.P. do after he stopped coming here? Left to the Force or to R?

Nothing to do with R. Says the Force is curing him.

I am surprised, Sir, that you are still complaining of time!

Are you? You wouldn't be if you were in my place.

No time, no time! it is going to be an eternal problem with you, it seems! After the reduction of correspondence – cutting off the evening mail – it leaves you absolutely free for other things. I suppose you are working at your Savitri.

Where is the reduction of correspondence? I have to be occupied with correspondence from 8.0 to 12 p.m. (minus one hour), again after bath and meal from 2.30 to 7 a.m. All that apart from afternoon work. And still much is left undone – And you think I can write Savitri? You evidently believe in miracles!

What about the poem you promised, Sir?

I have no time even to think about it or about writing poems at all.

Muthu K. Swamy & Co., are starting a journal. I said I would give one of Nishikanta's English poems. May I?

I don't know whether it will be suitable to the kind of “Journal” they can produce.


1936 01 23 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran