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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

A funny dream, Sir! On the Darshan day when I went up, f heard you say to the Mother, “Caress the boy a little”. Mother did so and you in turn looked at me with wide open eyes and as you were taking them away, the Mother said, “No, no, look at him a little more”. (Please do, Sir, do!) Mother was rather advanced in age and dark, while you were younger – these things make me doubt the dream.

These dreams are in the vital and their appearance is not fixed as it is in the physical body. It can change to express various things, some vital condition, some psychological symbolism, something in the rid of the man who sees, etc., etc., etc. So nothing funny, sir, – all quite normal and natural.

You were not at all like what we see. Then what we see is an illusion?

Obviously – even science knows that. You see only what your eyes show you.

Mulshankar had disturbed sleep because of the pain in the leg... Temperature 36.8 – all O.K. except for that blessed pain.

It is a contusion?


1936 02 07 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran