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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

You said “circumstances are exceptional” as regards my early success in English versification. It must be so, otherwise how could I write these poems so fast and beautifully? But please

Let me know

How 'tis so

A dullard like me

Bursting like a sea

With the heart of the Muse

Makes his rhythm fuse?

You are opening, opening, opening

Into a wider, wider scopening

That fills me with a sudden hopening

That I may carry you in spite of gropening

Your soul into the supramental ropening.

N.B. Surrealist poetry.

K says that last two days she has not taken much1 and is not hungry either.


Ambu's weakness seems to be nervous. I wanted to prescribe Drakshasava (general tonic + appetiser), but our stock is exhausted. Amal said he has a bottle of it, sent to him by his family, which he could share with Ambu. What do you say?


Though I don't see why Amal requires any medicine at all.

It is the family which forces medicines on him, I hear.



1 Sri Aurobindo drew an arrow indicating the word “much”.











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