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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I was called by R to the dying case opposite our house. The case seems hopeless... It seems R is willing to take it up if h&(???) is guarded by Andre or Valle. I wonder if it would be wise, as the chances are next to nil...

R saw Mother and told her he thought the case hopeless. She told him to drop it. In fact she had not wanted him to take up the case, but it seems they impressed one “officier de santé” who came to fetch him.

(Since have heard the classic lamentations with a note from R of the departure of the patient to his destination).

Please have a look at the typescript on Thompson. It will be kept to a limited company. I am sure it will do a lot of good to many of us who think like Thompson as regards English poetry, of which I was one, as you know.

Can't sanction communication to others. First of all, I have slated Thompson in a way which cannot be made public – for he has done nothing to deserve a public castigation. I let myself go because I was writing for you alone. Moreover a comparative statement of Thompsons's opinions and mine means, if published, a discussion between myself and him, which is not among the possibles. I have kept your typescript to see whether I can note down anything on the points raised which you can show to a few – but even then to a few only.


1936 03 01 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran