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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Herewith Chand's letter. He wants to change his residence. But if he goes to a Mohamedan mess, it would be from the frying pan into the fire. However, he wants your opinion, Have you any to offer?

Have no opinion to offer. Don't very well understand the proposed culinary operation. He is going to earn Rs.10 and spend 14 – and on the top of that bring his mother – to live with him in a Mohamedan mess? It sounds very modern – but too much of a mess. Irish stew – what!

He also writes that if M's wife gets angry with him and abuses him anarthaka, etā-otā might happen.

He means it will then not be nirarthaka, but rather sārthaka. Obviously! If etā-otā are going to happen, a shift might be preferable.

There is something enclosed in the bag. Good enough, Sir?

Very nice. But these things are generally somewhere else when one needs them.

What has happened to my typescript? Hibernating?

My dear sir, if you saw me nowadays with my nose to paper from afternoon to morning, deciphering, deciphering, writing, writing, writing, even the rocky heart of a disciple would be touched and you would not talk about typescripts and hibernation. I have given up (for the present at least) the attempt to minimise the cataract of correspondence; I accept my fate like Raman Maharshi with the plague of Prasads and admirers, but at least don't add anguish to annihilation by talking about typescripts.


1936 03 11 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran