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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Friend C again, with his woeful tale!

What a fellow! He blunders through life stumbling over every possible or impossible stone of offence with a conscientious thoroughness that is unimaginable and inimitable.

He has sent a rupee to buy something for you. But your needs are so few and you are so strict about hygiene. At times I wonder why the Divine is so meticulously particular as regards contagion, infection. Is he vulnerable to the viruses, bacilli, microbes, etc.?

And why on earth should you expect the Divine to feed himself on germs and bacilli and poisons of all kinds? Singular theology yours!

So what shall I buy

To suit the Divine taste? -

But aren't all same to him – paste

Or pudding, butter, cheese or mutton-pie?

Good Lord! I hope you are not plotting to send any such things here! Of butter and cheese I have more than I want and pudding and mutton-pie are banished from my menu.

I hear from all quarters that you are buried in letters... I don't know how you are ever going to keep your head above the mud of the letters, for your Bhaktas, admirers are increasing by leaps and bounds. In the near future they will be millions, and millions of letters heaped upon your supramental segregation, if you don't relinquish it and come out boldly!

Come out and have millions and millions of admirers heaped upon my promiscuity? Thank you for nothing! The letters can be thrown into the W.P.B.1 more easily than the admirers can be thrown out of the window.



1 Waste-paper basket.











1936 03 27 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran