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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

By the way, I hope you didn't intend to make me an April-fool mentioning Virgil and Nirod in the same pen-stroke!

[In pencil] What a modest poet! Most think themselves the superior of Homer, Milton and Shakespeare all added together.

Another letter from Jatin. He has asked for the reply to his previous letter. Please do write something tonight, Sir. I request you, I beseech you, I entreat you, I pray to you. Do find out his letter from your heap – I can see it from here – and just a few marks and remarks will do. That's like the Divine! Give that time you would have spent on the long letter I was going to write, but I suspend it for getting this chance!

Sorry, but your luck is not brilliant. Had a whole night i.e. after 3 no work – was ready to write. Light went off, in my rooms only, mark – tried candle power, no go. The Age of Candles is evidently over. So “requests, beseeches, entreats” were all in vain. Not my fault. Blame Fate! However, I had a delightful time, 3 hours of undisturbed concentration on my real work, – a luxury denied to me for ages. Don't tear your hair. Will be done another day with luck.

And what about the rooms in the Ashram for him and his wife?

By himself accommodation in Ashram easy – with wife difficult, in fact seems impossible. Can't put them together.


1936 04 02 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran