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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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What would it be if I were put to roast? Anilkumar is rubbing hard his formula every day saying – very difficult! Now your threat comes. If it comes to that I shall exclaim: gurupāda padmāya namo namaḥ.1

Why singular? A respected person is supposed to have more than 2 feet – witness the formula – śrīcaraṇeṣu2

But let me add that my roasting has already begun, not in your spiritual oven, but in the barometric oven. Dilip and myself have decided to cycle off to the Lake in the early hours of the morning. As it is not possible to get a cycle at that hour from outside, what about getting it from here?

Can't ask Benjamin for a cycle at that time. He would eat our heads off and yours too. This cyclo-mania is becoming too epidemic – we won't be able to supply at that rate.

And this time it's not a “melancholiac” that asks but a maniac, you may say!


Boil has burst today! Swelling less, pain none but still it is oozing and oozing. By tomorrow it will be over, I hope. R's treatment continues.

R has written to me insisting that you should continue the treatment for a fortnight even after the oozing is past history – so as to erect a barrier against farther boilings.

I beg your pardon, Sir! Enema didn't strike me at all. But I hope it didn't make any difference in the working of your Force unless you enematised the patient too much. It is a pleasure to learn that one can deceive the Divine, however!

If the Divine chooses to be deceived, anyone can deceive him – just as he can run away from the battle; pālayanamapi. You are evidently not up to the tricks of the Lila.



1 Salutations to the lotus foot of the Master.


2 “At the revered feet”; “to your (or his) auspicious feet” (a form of addressing a venerable person in a letter). Used plural, not dual form.











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