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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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Venkatraman had an experience of “something solid being pushed in him, at pranam”. Now, that's something. I wonder why the Mother didn't do the same before.

I wonder why he didn't receive it before.

Why, Sir, seems you don't read the reports well? I told you his was a congested throat – that means tonsils, pharynx – everything. And when I said pharyngitis – you asked whether his illness was that.

Then why do you say a simple pharyngitis when it is “everything” under the sun?

Feeling a bit worried, Sir, about H. He is absolutely stationary! Fault of the medicine or the instrument? He also doesn't receive the Force?

Never did except by an occasional accident of which he immediately repents.

Noni came today for ringworm and incidentally showed sores on the soles. He said he was under R's treatment – the sores were getting better when R stopped treatment, When they became worse, Noni approached R who refused further treatment as he had “written to Mother” about his cure.

My information is Noni was cured first time, but there was a relapse which was treated – I don't remember with what result. Have heard nothing about it afterwards.

Noni asked, “Shall I write again?” to which R said, “No, I have no time.” So he has come to the non-miracle doctor! But why no time, please?

Сan't say – it is true he has been very much occupied recently.

By Jove, what a fright you gave me, Sir, about Mulshankar! He told me that this business [headache, constipation, etc.] has been his companion for about 14 years. It's neither worse now nor less severe. All the same his accident makes it more important... I have emphasised on this constipation to be relieved as soon as it pokes its belly up!

All right.

But queer to think that the fellow discussed the matter with V (specialist in constipation), while I was sitting just there. Not a word to me! Funny, strange, curious!

Especially as I have told him that V “talks foolishly” and asked him not to listen to him.


1936 04 19 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran