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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

Noni came to enquire if I had told you anything! Can he go to R? Wouldn't it be better since he cured him once?

If R is willing to take him up.

How is it that my patients go on lingering and lingering even with a trifling thing? Some don't receive Force, others repent it, others receiving have no effect, etc., etc., and I have to quarrel with you for a dose? Whereas R has it in a flood simply for the asking or even without. R cures cancer in 10 days, goitre in 2 weeks and diabetes in 7 days.

Hallo! 10 days?

Which was the diabetes case? I have forgotten.

Immense energy, enthusiasm, vital force, 100 miles an hour determination to succeed and a 2000 horse power confidence, “I will do it” – vital absolutely convinced of the Force, mind constantly finding reasons for belief in it (not as you and others do equally or more, admitting reasons against); rapid intuitions getting there in spite of any errors of speculation, decision of mind and will accompanied by a mobile and plastic observing mind suiting itself to the circumstances and then overcoming them – that's the secret of a powerful instrumentalism – at least in a rajasic man. A sattwic fellow would do it also but on other lines. You – ahem!

Doctor in the same boat as the patients? When will you put me on the “Queen Mary”?

When will you walk in? Very dawdling and deliberate gait, sir!


1936 04 20 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran