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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

By Jove, that handwriting of yours is a brilliantly unique specimen! So I have to send back the note-book! Well, but what's the cure? That impossible mantra1 which you gave me, I am trying by fits and starts!

Good Lord! What mantra? OM Tut a tut to to towhit tuwhoo? Man! But it is to be recited only when you are taking tea in the company of four Brahmins pure of all sex ideas and 5 ft. 7 inches tall, with a stomach in proportion. Otherwise it can't be effective.

Waiting patiently for the blue moon, should I all the while cry out “damn it, damn it!”?

But that's another mantra. One for which the blue moon has a special dislike.

I have Checked one wave so far. Any more coming on the top of it?

Wave of what? Wave of genius? wave of poetry? Wave of the blues? For heaven's sake write comprehensibly!

Is it really an illusion I am cherishing that the Force will one day galvanise the consciousness? Is it a vain hope? But that's how I console myself and find relief at present – never mind if I can't do this or that, feel sleepy, vital is too lazy: let me slide on some day, some day... What do you say about this “some day”? But I suppose this attitude takes time to be fulfilled.

Well, it is an admirable exercise in faith! As for results, some day, one day, many days, no day – why bother? mā phaleṣu kadācana2



1 10.4.36


2 (Thou hast a right to action), never to the fruits thereof. (Gita 2.47).











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