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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I thought as much, Sir, that you would quote your own instance as regards the weight. Exercise, swimming in the sea to no avail!

Good Lord, man! I always thought exercise decreased the fat and gave strength and muscle. And you want to increase your fat by exercise?

I have no peace now, the whole day passes in lamentation. No use dilating on it, as it has been before and will be after.

We weep before and after.

Our sweetest hours are those we fill with saddest thought.

I thought a little good time had come a few days back, but that little streak, if it was not my imagination, has been swallowed up by dark and unending trails of clouds from which I see no escape...

All right, sir. If you feel ready for force, I will send you. As for the results, well, let us see.

An absolute blank, a perpetual vegetative unrest – a Nirvana!

Gracious heavens! you have reached Nirvana so easily! But how can unrest be Nirvana? Some misconception. Perhaps it is Prakritilaya1 you are aiming at! Perhaps you are moving towards a repetition of Jada Bharata and when you are sufficiently jaḍa and able to enjoy it, then Nirvana and all the Knowledge will come to you.

Examined Mulshankar. Most of the trouble is in the abduction of the hip joint...

Abduction of a joint, sir? What's this flagrant immorality? What happens to the joint when it is abducted?

Soon he will be able to do the normal movements. There is benumbing of his feet as well as a tingling sensation.

And what about the two colliding bones? Part of the abduction?

However I will take him soon to Philaire.

Right. Abduct him to Philaire.



1 Absorption (laya) in Nature (Prakriti), rather than Brahman.











1936 05 01 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran