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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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If I feel ready for the force? It is not a question of feeling now, but of forcing the Force. That apart as you said, “If you wait for things to happen, there is no reason why they should happen at all”, has shattered all my imagination, illusion, fancy, speculation about the Force and the Grace.

You deal too much in paradoxes and contradictory statements, for my little brain to understand. You say, “within there is a soul and above there is Grace.” Is it not contrary to the foregoing one?

I don't see how it is contrary. Naturally the soul and the Grace are the two ends, but that does not mean that there is to be nothing between. You seem to have interpreted the sentence “There is a dawdling soul within and a sleeping Grace above. When the Grace awakes, the soul will no more dawdle, because it will be abducted.” Of course, it can happen like that, but, as I put it, there is no reason why it should. Generally the soul wakes up, rubs its eyes and says “Hallo, where's that Grace?” and begins fumbling around for it and pulling at things in the hope that Grace is at the other end of the said things. Finally it pulls at something by accident and the Grace comes toppling down full tilt from God knows where. That's the usual style – but there are others.

However, I will try something tonight and listen with rapt attention to the silent steps of your Force coming, but we find you have put “all Force available at Dilipda's disposal”!

Perhaps I meant all force available for Dilip!

I know exercise reduces the fat, but combined with butter and cream, it increases, I think. And that is what I am doing now, at Dilipda's. Any objection to gratis supply of butter and cream?

I suppose not, so long as you do not constitute a Municipal Corporation.

Complaint against the Ashram doctor from the D.R. servers. “Often after we have served his dish, he would send a note saying ‘My meals, please!’ or a verbal message through any sadhak he might come across...1 Carrier bearers2 have to inform Dayabhai that the tiffin-box in question ha-s to be brought back” etc., etc.

It is suggested that the said Doctor can have his food all the three times in the day in a tiffin-box if he so desires.

Doctor! doctor!

If you are so irregular and offhand how can you expect patients in the hospital to submit to have their bad eyes cut out instead of their good kidneys?



1 Nothing deleted.


2 Doubtful reading.











1936 05 02 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran