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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I admit that their complaint is partly true! I explained the situation to Jiban this morning. So if you have no objection I can have the meals sent home. Or if you want, I shall have all the meals strictly in D.R.

It is not possible for them to send in the cart, because there is no room there. You will either have to send the servant or adopt the coming to the D.R.

Very strange, Sir, to connect this affair with my luck in hospital! I don't see the logic at all, unless you are trying to harass me as advocates do in courts!

It is a matter of the forces of Karma. If you are loose and irregular, then things and patients will be the same with you. Don't you know that all “bad luck”, as you call it, is due to Karma?

Last night I tried to compose a poem. It was a failure, I fell asleep over its first two lines!

You call it a failure – when you have discovered a new soporific.

couldn't touch K without making her burst into tears. These ladies think what heartless brutes, animals, these doctors are!

Much safer than if they think “What dears these doctors are, darlings, angels!”


1936 05 03 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran