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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

An excellent opportunity seems to have come for an amicable settlement with D over J's novel-tangle. Shall we take advantage of it? But we are dealing with gunpowder, so it is better to consult you.

Well, Abyssinia is blown up. So why not an Ashram?

What about Nishikanta's vision-poem? Lost in the subconscient? and his book of poems?

To be fished out.

I think we can sue you in the Supramental Court of Justice for this flagrant neglect!

No jurisdiction.

When will you send the poem with the explanation of the vision?

Shall send back the poem. Vision doubtful (I mean the explanation of it accompanying the poem).

Fact is, I am trying to get some damned thing done – have a chance of success if I keep at it – so can't afford to turn aside to anything else. Just check off in a hurry the daily things, but as for arrears!

What do I say about B.P.? What else can I say but thoroughly agree with you, second you and third you?

Very good. Send him to R. I should like you also to give the history of the case to R. I think B.P. will be more easily interrogated if that is done.

But will he take the whole responsibility or divide it?

No division possible with R. His treatment is an indivisible Brahman, however many the aspects. In his latest cases there was a mass of simultaneous illnesses in each body, but he took them all in his sweep,


1936 05 11 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran