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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

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J has written a poem in laghu guru about whose rhythm there is some doubt. I place before you the scansion as I understand it, for your opinion. The words and substance seem very beautiful; if the rhythm were so, it would make a lovely and “distinctive poem”, I think. So?

I am unable to pronounce on such a matter – I do not really know what is or is not permissible in Bengali laghu guru. To an uninstructed mind your observations seem to be just.

So R throws overboard all medical science by refusing to recognise the validity of blood-tests in syphilis etc.?

He claims to have a homeopathic science of his own!

Heredity main factor? and the history of a contraction, chancre, + + blood reaction, all to waste-paper basket? And yet if he cures him, I am to believe in the paramount efficacy of his homeopathic medicines?

Not asked to believe. Provided they are effective, and in all these other bad cases they have been, it is all right. R affirmed gonorrhoeic origin there also, but he cured the cases all right, which shows that either his diagnoses were right or, in spite of wrong diagnoses, he can cure incurable cases. I don't see how logically one can escape from this horned dilemma! Anyhow his medicines do have a powerful and very often immediate effect, that I have seen hundreds of times. Scientifically they ought not to, but they have. Curiously enough, in Europe, for certain diseases now even many of the allopaths are beginning to prefer homeopathic method and medicine.

However, I won't quarrel. But how do you segregate the fellow in that house? not necessary, it not being syphilis?

I don't know. Mother is not in favour of it, but R insists that his day and night under observation is necessary! However, we shall probably refuse the continuation.


1936 05 14 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran