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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I send you a letter of our dear Chand. If you are still interested in the chap, you can take the trouble to decipher it.

I have had several letters from him.

He wants to know many things:

1) Descent of the Supra. M. Tail – on the slightest news of which he will give a gorilla jump to Pondy to set his nerves right! Is the Tail in view?

Of course. Coming down as fast as you fellows will allow.

2) He wants your remarks on him which will prove “precious”!

Tell him I have grown chary of remarks. Remarks frighten the Sm. T.

Can any letters and poems be sent, though I know he will hardly read them?

What letters? The poems are your own and co's, so you are the best judge of that.

Lastly, will Mother give him a flower tomorrow, through Nolini?

You can make a petition to Nolini to get the flower.

The fellow is still dreaming of the Sup. M. Tail! He doesn't realise yet that many of us will see it after our souls have departed into the subtle planes and will have taken birth again in proper circumstances and conditions – and now one after another, so many are dropping, dropping after so many years of stay – viz. M-lal! Next X-lal, Y-lal, then Nirodlal!

Excuse me. M-lal and Company are not running away from the Sm. Tail – they are only running after the paternal tail – as soon as they have stroked it sufficiently, they will return. All the Lals have gone like Japhet in search of their fathers and will return in June, except M who comes back, I believe, after 15 days. Two others asked for filial leave – one is perhaps still thinking of running after P.T. But we are beginning to kick. One “leave” has been refused!

R.B. is still constipated. Had a whole ounce of castor-oil, with no result... Too much medication? No help, as she is crying and cursing me!

Rather a lot – esp. if purgatives are ineffective. But Mahendranath telegraphed about his mother – appendix affected fall – couldn't understand, asked for exact nature of illness, got this telegram in reply. Kindly perorate.


1936 05 17 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran