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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

The Complete Set

I tried hard to write a poem, but failed in spite of prayer and call. Then I had to appeal to your Force; lo, the poem was recast and recreated, beginning at 9.45 p.m. and ending at 1 a.m. Now the big question is – why couldn't I do it before? By the appeal and your Force, undoubtedly, which you sent. But it was almost finished before you had time to read my letter and send the Force.

I usually read your soul-stirring communications (medical or other) at 7.30 or 8 or thereabouts. This one I must have got only after 10 p.m. But that makes no difference. The call for the Force is very often sufficient; not absolutely necessary that it should reach my physical mind first. Many get as soon as they write – or, (if they are outside), when the letter reaches the atmosphere.

Simply the writing has helped to establish the contact with the Force, whereas my constant concentration, prayer and appeal failed?

Yes, it is the success in establishing the contact that is important. It is a sort of hitching on or getting hold of the invisible button or whatever you like to call it.

Sometimes the Force “that is always operating” is not enough for me. You have to leave all relaxed repose and sit up and regain curvilinear proportions and send a dose! This is what must have happened today.

It is enough if you hitch on to the operating Force which is always rotating or hanging about over your head or over my head or over the general head of the Ashram or the (terrestrial) universe. It does not much matter where you hitch on, so long as you somehow do it. But in this case there may have been some connection with my curvilinear recovery which took place somewhere about 9.30. But if so, it can only have been because the Force rotated more forcibly by the impulsion of my recovery, for the conscious sending of Force to you took place only when I was reading the letter.

When you send the Force, is there a time limit for its functioning or does it work itself out in the long run or get washed off after a while, finding the adhar unreceptive?

There is no time limit. I have known cases in which I put a Force for getting a thing done and it seemed to fail damnably at the moment; but after two years everything carried itself out in exact detail and order just as I had arranged it, although I was thinking no more at all of the matter. You ought to know but I suppose you don't that “Psychic” Research in Europe has proved that all so-called “psychic” communications can sink into the consciousness without being noticed and turn up long afterwards. It is like that with the communication of Force also.

I would like to know the Force's general operation in illnesses, yogic purposes, etc., ... It is really very interesting, and nothing written anywhere on it. Can you illumine? No hurry, but if you write “one day”, I know that phrase very well.

I have made as usual a few scattered observations – but of course they don't go very far or shed much light. “One day” perhaps I shall write volumes on the matter which I suppose you won't read.

I was almost on the point of losing faith in Yogic Force and asked myself: if I had as earnestly applied myself to poetry, outside, wouldn't I have succeeded?

You would have become a talented literary young man and a good verse-maker.

Lastly, don't fall flat again, Sir. So much depends on your curvilinear position, especially when you are bringing down the Supramental Tail!

Now look here, do you think I fell flat on purpose? No, sir. Sudden rush of correspondence, interruption of campaign – consequent breakdown of road to Addis Ababa; retreat necessary, consolidation of back positions, road-repair – flat, but I suppose necessary.

I thought R.B. was cured, for she hasn't come back for her leg treatment. Shall I call her back and treat her?

Don't know. She says you have tried your level best and failed. Perhaps if her leg hurts enough, she will come back or if she complains too much I shall suggest her the way back.

Your book crowded out by a long night's correspondence. Send again tonight. Also am unable to return to Dilip Nishikanta's long poem for the same reason.


1936 05 21 Exact Writting Letter Nirodbaran