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Sri Aurobindo

Bande Mataram

Early Political Writings. 1890 — May 1908

Bande Mataram. 20 September, 1906

Mischievous Writings

The leading article in last Tuesday's Mirror, reproduced in another column, shows the peculiar frame of mind that finds safety both from bold thoughts and brave sacrifices, in its professions of friendship and loyalty to the foreigner. The Indian Mirror gives an assurance to his Anglo-Indian friends that there is no danger to the Empire from the insignificant band of “extremists” who preach the pernicious doctrines of national autonomy and popular freedom; and we hope, it will give rest and sleep to the Chowringee paper. The Mirror says:

“To say that educated India desires to be absolutely free of the British control is absolutely idiotic, and we are sure every thoughtful and cultured Indian will resent such a suggestion with the utmost indignation.”

But why resent, my brother? And where is there any room for indignation here, either? It may be idiotic, we admit, for we are sure that the Indian Mirror with all its conceits would not dare to claim an absolute monopoly of this virtue for itself and those who think with it. But this indignation is difficult to understand unless the Ophelia of old has taken to play the part of Godiva with the whole lot of British friends as his spouse, in his old age. Go on, thou brave queen, ride in all thy nudeness through the country, and we shall close our doors, put down our blinds, and desert every thoroughfare until thou comest to thy journey's end.


This work was not reprinted in the CWSA and it was not compared with other editions.