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Bande Mataram

Early Political Writings. 1890 — May 1908

Bande Mataram. April 9, 1907

A Nil-admirari Admirer

The splendid speech of Srinath Pal1 has at last found an admirer in the Nil-admirari Editor of the Indian Nation. What is more wonderful still is that the veteran cynic who had up to now directed all his energies in running down Surendranath has now suddenly discovered that “Surendranath is the most prominent man on this side of the country”.

The poor President of the Conference who committed2 the unpardonable sin of differing from the omniscient Editor of the Indian Nation in his ideas of nationalism, has come in for a liberal share of abuse. He does not understand the difference in the ideals of the two parties; he fails to find wherein Mr. Tilak's nationalism differs from that of Mr. Gokhale. He fancies he had been cherishing and nursing the national spirit and this disgust at the very name of the nation is the result. Even Homer nods; and the wise Editor of the Indian Nation and his other compatriots have to be told that the supreme test of nationalism is a belief in the future of the nation and a love for it with all its weaknesses.

As for the scurrility of the New Party organs, we beg to remind this English scholar that even the genial smile of Addison cut the offending section of the public to the bone.


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