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Sri Aurobindo

Bande Mataram

Early Political Writings. 1890 — May 1908

Bande Mataram. May 15, 1907

The Latest Phase of Morleyism

That Mr. Morley should completely throw off the mask and unceremoniously declare his real attitude towards Nationalist aspirations is more than what was expected by most people. It is not customary with politicians to be so rudely and unnecessarily frank. Besides, such frankness is calculated to shake that faith in their benevolent professions which is the chief security of British domination in India. We have always been deceived by words. The effect of a series of repressive measures on the feelings of the people is at once counteracted by one kind word from a Viceroy or Secretary of State. Mere flattering promises have hitherto been sufficient to win and retain our allegiance. Why our bureaucrats have broken away from their policy of keeping their real intention veiled behind a number of cant phrases and now make no secret of their determination to put down Nationalism with a high hand can be easily understood by those who have been watching the progress of events during the last two years. The appearance of a Nationalist Party and the home truths they preach have been causing real anxiety to the bureaucracy. If this party gets the ear of the people whose patriotic impulses are never checked by considerations of expediency or immediate self-interest, then such a popular re-awakening is bound to strike at the very root of foreign overlordship. It has therefore become essentially necessary to intercept all communications between the people and their real leaders and well-wishers. It is for this reason that these openly despotic methods are being tried in order to demoralise the Nationalists. The other game is to tempt the Moderates to betray the country by ever dangling before their eyes the bait of administrative reform. This is in every way a great crisis for the country and by his conduct at this moment every man shall be judged. Persecution and temptation are God's methods for separating the showy dross from the true gold.


This work was not reprinted in the CWSA and it was not compared with other editions.