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Sri Aurobindo

Collected Poems

SABCL - Volume 5

Index of First Lines



A bare impersonal hush is now my mind
The Word of the Silence

A conscious and eternal Power is here
The Mother of God

A deep enigma is the soul of man
The Human Enigma

A dumb Inconscient drew life’s stumbling maze
The Dumb Inconscient

A face on the cold dire mountain peaks

A far sail on the unchangeable monotone of a slow slumbering sea
In Horis Aeternum

A flame-wind ran from the gold of the east

A gold moon-raft floats and swings slowly
Moon of Two Hemispheres

A golden evening, when the thoughtful sun

A life of intensities wide, immune
The Life Heavens

A naked and silver-pointed star

A noon of Deccan with its tyrant glare
Baji Prabhou

A perfect face amid barbarian faces

A strong son of lightning came down to the earth...
A strong son of lightning

A tree beside the sandy river-beach
A Tree

A trifling unit in a boundless plan
Man, the Thinking Animal

A voice arose that was so sweet and terrible
A voice arose

After six hundred years did Fate intend
Lines on Ireland

After unnumbered steps of a hill-stair
The Hill-Top Temple

All are deceived, do what the One Power dictates
The One Self

All is abolished but the mute Alone

All is not finished in the unseen decree

All my cells thrill swept by a surge of splendour

All Nature is taught in radiant ways to move
Bliss of Identity

All sounds, all voices have become Thy voice
The Divine Hearing

An irised multitude of hills and seas
The Other Earths

Arise now, tread out the fire!
The Death of a God

Arisen to voiceless unattainable peaks
The Unseen Infinite

As some bright archangel in vision flies
Thought the Paraclete

At last I find a meaning of soul’s birth

At the way’s end when the shore raised up its dim line...
The Lost Boat

Awake, awake, O sleeping men of Troy
The Three Cries of Deiphobus


Because Thou art All-beauty and All-bliss
Because Thou art

Because Thou hadst all eternity to amuse,
The Conscious Inconscient

Behold, by Maya’s fantasy of will
The Dwarf Napoleon

Bride of the Fire, clasp me now close
Bride of the Fire

Brilliant, crouching, slouching, what crept...
The Tiger and the Deer


Child of the infant years, Euphrosyne

Cool may you find the youngling grass, my herd
Perigune Prologuises


Dawn in her journey eternal compelling the labour of mortals

Day and night begin, you tell me

Death wanders through our lives at will, sweet Death
The Fear of Death

Do you remember, Love, that sunset pale
Love in Sorrow


Each sight is now immortal with Thy bliss
Divine Sight


Flame that invadest my empire of sorrow wordless and sombre
Death and the Traveller Fire


Glory and greatness and the joy of life
The Rakshasas

God to thy greatness
God to thy greatness

Goddess supreme, Mother of Dream, by thy ivory doors when thou standest
The Mother of Dreams

Gold-white wings a-throb in the vastness, the bird of flame went
The Bird of Fire


Hail to the fallen, the fearless! hail to the conquered, the noble
Hail to the Fallen

Hark in the trees the low-voiced nightingale
The Nightingale

He is in me, round me, facing everywhere

He said, “I am egoless, spiritual, free,”

How hast thou lost, O month of honey and flowers
Bankim Chandra Chatterji

How shall ascending Nature touch her goal
Discoveries of Science II

However long Night’s hour, I will not dream
The Hidden Plan


I am a single Self all Nature fills
The Cosmic Spirit

I am greater than the greatness of the seas
Man, the Despot of Contraries

I am held no more by life’s alluring cry
The Greater Plan

I am swallowed in a foam-white sea of bliss
The Bliss of Brahman

I am the bird of God in His blue
The Blue Bird

I contain the whole world in my soul’s embrace
The Indwelling Universal

I dreamed that in myself the world I saw
A Vision of Science

I dwell in the spirit’s calm nothing can move
The Witness Spirit

I face earth’s happenings with an equal soul
The Divine Worker

I have a hundred lives before me yet
I have a hundred lives

I have become a foam-white sea of bliss
The Bliss of Brahman

I have become what before Time I was
The Selfís Infinity

I have discovered my deep deathless being
The Guest

I have drunk deep of God’s own liberty

I have gathered my dreams in a silver air
A Godís Labour

I have heard a foghorn shouting at a sheep

I have sailed the golden ocean
The Island Sun

I have thrown from me the whirling dance of mind

I have wrapped the wide world in my wider self
Cosmic Consciousness

I housed within my heart the life of things

I look across the world and no horizon walls my gaze
The Cosmic Man

I looked for Thee alone, but met my glance
The Iron Dictators

I made an assignation with the Night
The Pilgrim of the Night

I passed into a lucent still abode

I sat behind the dance of Danger’s hooves
The Godhead

I saw my soul a traveller through Time
The Miracle of Birth

I shall not die
The Triumph-Song of Trishuncou

I walked beside the waters of a world of light
I walked beside the waters

I walked on the high-wayed Seat of Solomon

If I had wooed thee for thy colour rare
Immortal Love

If now must pause the bullocks’ jingling tune
In the Moonlight

If perfect moments on the peak of things

If thou wouldst traverse Time with vagrant feet

Immense retreats of silence and of gloom
On the Mountains

In a flaming as of spaces
Metrical Experiments

In a mounting as of sea-tides, in a rippling as of invisible waters
In a mounting as of sea-tides

In a town of gods, housed in a little shrine
The Stone Goddess

In Bagdad by Euphrates, Asia’s river
Khaled of the Sea

In god-years yet unmeasured by a man’s thought...
The World Game

In Manipur upon her orient hills

In some faint dawn
Metrical Experiments

In the blue of the sky, in the green of the forest

In the ending of time, in the sinking of space
Metrical Experiments

In the silence of midnight, in the light of dawn or noontide
In the silence of midnight

In the silence of the night-time
Hell and Heaven

In us is the thousandfold Spirit who is one

In woodlands of the bright and early world
Love and Death

Into the Silence, into the Silence
Ascent. The Silence

Is this the end of all that we have been
Is this the end



Life, death,– death, life; the words have led for ages
Life and Death

Light, endless Light! darkness has room no more

Lone on my summits of calm I have brooded with voices around me
Trance of Waiting

Love, a moment drop thy hands
Night by the Sea


Majestic, mild, immortally august

Many boons the new years make us
A Doubt

Moulded of twilight and the vesper star

Mute stands she, lonely on the topmost stair
Despair on the Staircase

My breath runs in a subtle rhythmic stream

My life is then a wasted ereme
To a Hero-Worshipper

My mind, my soul grow larger than all Space

My soul arose at dawn and, listening, heard

My soul regards its veiled subconscient base
The Inconscient Foundation

Mystic Miracle, daughter of Delight


Nala, Nishadha’s king, paced by a stream
The Tale of Nala

Not in annihilation lost, nor given
Transiit, non Periit

Not soon is God’s delight in us completed

Now more and more the Epiphany within
The Inner Sovereign


O coïl, honied envoy of the spring
O Coil, Coil

O desolations vast, O seas of space

O grey wild sea
To the Sea

O immense Light and thou, O spirit-wide boundless Space

O joy of gaining all the soul’s desire
The Meditations of Mandavya

O lady Venus, shine on me

O life, thy breath is but a cry to the Light
Metrical Experiments

O pale and guiding light, now star unsphered
Charles Stewart Parnell

O pall of black Night painted with still gold stars
O pall of black Night

O plaintive, murmuring reed, begin thy strain
The Loverís Complaint

O soul who com’st fire-mantled from the earth
The Fire-King and the Messenger

O thou golden image
A Childís Imagination

O Thou of whom I am the instrument

O will of God that stirrest and the Void

O word concealed in the upper fire
Musa Spiritus

O worshipper of the formless Infinite

Ocean is there and evening; the slow moan
The Island Grave

Of Spring is her name for whose bud and blooming
The Spring Child

Often, in the slow ages’ wide retreat
In the Battle

Oh ye Powers of the Supreme and of the Mother, the Divine
Oh ye Powers

Oh, but fair was her face as she lolled
Metrical Experiments

On a dire whirlpool in the hurrying river
The Yogi on the Whirlpool

On the grey street, on the lagging winding waters
Metrical Experiments

On the waters of a nameless Infinite
The Infinite Adventure

On the white summit of eternity
Shiva, The Inconscient Creator

Once again thou hast climbed, O moon, like a white fire...
Symbol Moon

One day, and all the half-dead is done
One Day

One dreamed and saw a gland write Hamlet, drink
A Dream of Surreal Science

Only by electric hordes your world is run?
Discoveries of Science I

Our godhead calls us in unrealised things.
Our godhead calls us

Our science is an abstract cold and brief
Discoveries of Science III

Out from the Silence, out from the Silence
Ascent. Beyond the Silence

Out of a seeming void and dark-winged sleep
The Inconscient

Out of a still Immensity we came
The Infinitesimal Infinite

Outspread a Wave burst...
Metrical Experiments


Pale poems, weak and few, who vainly use

Patriots, behold your guerdon. This man found
Hic Jacet

Perfect thy motion ever within me
Perfect thy motion

Poet, who first with skill inspired did teach
Madhusudan Dutt

Pururavus from converse held with Gods

Pururavus from Titan conflict ceased

Pythian he came; repressed beneath his heel
The Lost Deliverer


Rishi who trance-held on the mountains old
The Rishi

Rose of God, vermilion stain on the sapphires of heaven
Rose of God

Rushing from Troy like a cloud on the plains the Trojans thundered
An Image


Seer deep-hearted, divine King of the secrecies
Seer deep-hearted

She in her garden, near the high grey wall
A Thing Seen

Silence is all, say the sages
Silence is all

Silence is round me, wideness ineffable
Ocean Oneness

Silver foam in the dim East
Silver foam

Since I have seen your face at the window, sweet
Since I have seen your face

Snow in June may break from Nature

Sole in the meadows of Thebes Tiresias sat by the Dirce

Someone leaping from the rocks

Soul in the Ignorance, wake from its stupor
Soul in the Ignorance

Soul, my soul, reascend over the edge of life
Soul, my soul

Sounds of the wakening world, the year’s increase
To the Cuckoo

Spirit Supreme
The Vedantinís Prayer

Strayed from the roads of Time, far-couched...
The Descent of Ahana

Surely I take no more an earthly food
Divine Sense

Sweet is the night, sweet and cool
Songs to Myrtilla


The clouds lain on forlorn spaces of sky, weary and lolling
Soulís Scene

The day ends lost in a stretch of even
Journeyís End

The electron on which forms and worlds are built

The grey sea creeps half-visible, half-hushed
The Sea at Night

The repetition of thy gracious years
To R.

The seven mountains and the seven seas
The Mahatmas

There are two beings in my single self
The Dual Being

There is a brighter ether than this blue
The Inner Fields

There is a godhead of unrealised things
The Silver Call

There is a kingdom of the spirit’s ease
The Kingdom Within

There is a silence greater than any known

There is a wisdom like a brooding Sun
The Universal Incarnation

These wanderings of the suns, these stars at play

This body which was once my universe
The Body

This puppet ego the World-Mother made
The Little Ego

This strutting “I” of human self and pride

Thou who pervadest all the worlds below

Thy golden Light came down into my brain
The Golden Light

Thy tears fall fast, O mother, on its bloom
Saraswati with the Lotus

To the hill-tops of silence from over the infinite sea
Metrical Experiments

To weep because a glorious sun has set
To weep because a glorious sun

Torn are the walls and the borders carved by a miserly Nature
Torn are the walls

Two measures are there of the cosmic dance
The Cosmic Dance


Under the high and gloomy eastern hills


Vast-winged the wind ran, violent, black-cowled waves
Vast-winged the wind

Vision delightful alone on the hills whom the silences cover


What is this talk of slayer and of slain
What is this talk

What mighty and ineffable desire
The Birth of Sin

What opposites are here! A trivial life

When in the heart of the valleys and hid by the roses

When the heart tires and the throb stills recalling

Where is the end of your armoured march, O children of Wotan
The Children of Wotan

Where Time a sleeping dervish is
The Vigil of Thaliard

Who art thou in the heart comrade of man who sitst
The Witness and the Wheel

Who art thou that camest
Who art thou that camest

Who was it that came to me in a boat made of dream-fire
The Dream Boat

Why do thy lucid eyes survey

Wild river in thy cataract far-murmured and rash rapids to sea hasting
The River

Winged with dangerous deity
Metrical Experiments

With wind and the weather beating round me


Ye weeping poplars by the shelvy slope